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Updated On: Jul 15, 2018

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Summary of City's "What if" Proposal given on Monday, June 25, 2018


No retro pay back to date of expiration

No accrued leave used for OT calculation

Required cash out of comp banks annually down to 40 hours

Restrict who receives shift diff

Flat rate for standby (restricts trades, no comp’ing &means less $ for some, more for others)

Won't way work out of class (WOC) unless assignment in writing

Weaken grievance language for employees

No guaranteed wage increases for Housing Authority employees

No increase in Dental cap

No increase in vacation accrual to bring you closer to area average

No improvements for PTE

No hazard pay cleaning up homeless camps (said its “too political”)

Increase bereavement leave from 24 to 32 hours

Life insurance increase from $40,000 to $50,000

$.15+ increase in graveyard differential and some swing shifts

The City’s bargaining team called this a “What If” proposal available for a limited time only….

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