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2018 Bargaining Update
Updated On: Jul 30, 2018

Bargaining timeline

  • July 30 - 8 am to 5 pm
    • Today was the last scheduled day for bargaining before the parties can reach out to the state for mediation. After several hours of bargaining at the library today, the City’s team announced that they were ending bargaining hours earlier than scheduled.
    • The City’s bargaining team left right after the Union asked them for more information on selectives for the most underpaid positions at the city. The Union team expressed our surprise that the City didn’t think it was important to stay and discuss their data.  The City responded “We are not open to sharing that information today.” Then their whole team left the room.
    • Next Steps:
      • We just posted a timeline for you about the bargaining, mediation, impasse and more.
      • The Union will have a full summary of all outstanding issues available for all members this Wednesday.
      • Questions? Comments? Come to the Membership Meeting 5pm Thursday, August 9 at the Union Hall (1400 Tandem Ave NE Salem).
      • Your Bargaining Team is planning an action at the August 27 City Council Meeting. Stay tuned for more info.
      • To ensure you are getting the latest updates, be sure to create an account with your personal email and/or mobile phone (for text messages) at http://www.afscme2067.org. 
  • July 24 - 8 am to 5 pm
    • The teams did not agree on any articles and the City reconfirmed its proposal of 2% per year.
    • We have one more session left before we can start state mediation. The state of Oregon requires that we mediate for at least 15 days. The Union Bargaining Team has prepared a timeline of state requirements for bargaining, mediation, impasse, etc.
  • July 16 - 10 am to 7:30 pm
    • The Union made another comprehensive package proposal at bargaining this morning and both sides have made numerous counter proposals on various articles. The Union reconfirmed our June 11 proposal for a 3.5% COLA per year for 3 years and the City has not yet today responded to that proposal. The last proposal the City made on COLA was 2% per year for 3 years.
    • The City has also not moved on our proposals on longevity pay, certification pay, improved dental coverage, members’ ability to file class action grievances, maintaining the current standby pay process or minimum benefits for PTE employees.
    • The City has also not taken back their proposal to reduce comp maxes annually.
    • The City’s Chief Spokesperson for Bargaining also said that the City is not interested in returning to what Union members “claim” is the past practice on how overtime is paid, claiming that any payments that prove the Union’s position were a mistake.
  • June 25 - 8 am to 5 pm
    • The Union made a comprehensive package proposal to settle a fair contract at bargaining Monday morning, June 25. After many long caucuses, the City's team came back with its own proposal which it called their "What If" proposal and said that if the Union does not accept it by July 10 then it is off the table. 
    • Dozens of Local 2067 members attended the June 25 City Council meeting and several members addressed the Council and Mayor about contract negotiations, how HR is refusing to pay correct overtime wages, and the need for employee input in the new mandatory 12-hour shifts due to the water crisis. If you missed the testimony, you can watch it on YouTube. Testimony starts at about minute 55.
  • June 21 - 8 am to 5 pm
    • Bargaining yesterday continued after lunch until about 5:30pm. The City backed off several of its most problematic takebacks but continued to defend its 1% COLA proposal from last bargaining session. The Union bargaining team told the City's team that we DO NOT believe that 1% is a serious offer, that it is a bargaining game that we do not want to play, and that both sides should be prepared Monday to show all of our costing and numbers to back up our proposals.

    • We also gave the City's team copies of testimony that Salem employees plan to give at Monday's City Council meeting. The testimony speaks to the games the City is playing with this process, how Salem has slipped down to below standard in too many areas of pay and benefits, and our members' commitment to quality public service, even when they are being asked to work 12-hour overnight shifts due to the water crisis.

  • June 11 - 8 am to 5 pm (Session details)
  • May 31 - 8 am to 5 pm (Session details)
  • May 7 - Third bargaining session - The bargaining teams started at 7 am and finished after 4 pm. The Union made proposals/counter proposals on the following articles:
    • Representation
    • Holidays
    • Vacation (including increases for 14+ years)
    • Sickness and Injury Leave
    • Other Leaves
    • Hours of Work (including add’l OT language)
    • Working Conditions
    • Vacancies (including more rights for internal promotion)
    • Discipline & Discharge
    • Dispute Settlement
  • April 6 - Second bargaining session - The Union proposed changes to Articles 4, 14, 15, 16 and 18 including the following improvements:
    • Giving internal applicants a better chance at job openings & promotion
    • Improving opportunities for WOC and AIC
    • Adding safety language for our members threatened by the public Creating seniority rights for PTEs
    • Reducing the probationary period to 6 months
    • More opportunities to train Union Stewards
    • Creating the option of a CDL waiver
  • March 9 - First bargaining session held between the City's nine-member team and our six-member team. The City has chosen to hire an outside attorney to act as their spokesperson.
    • Set ground rules for bargaining
    • City made some non-economic proposals.

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